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Shoot for yourself: ideas from Eric Kim

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Wealthy Webfarers,

it’s a long time since I’ve wrote something over here. I don’t have any picture of mine to show yet, but I’ve felt the immediate need to write after I’ve read these Eric Kim’s guidelines about what he calls “Personal Photography”.

I don’t have many things in common with whosoever calls himself “street photographer”, except the fact that the majority of my images are taken in urban environments, but I’m interested in this genre and I do appreciate who applies this style of photography.

Eric Kim is one of the most prominent street photographers of our time and he’s also one of the most active on the web and socials. It was funny for me to see a newsletter from his side entitled “Only shoot for yourself“.

I must say that I agree with the suggestions he gives. In the end, what we really need is more good photography.

I you have a couple of free minutes, please read it.


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Lido di Savio (RA), 28072013


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I warmly suggest you to enjoy a set of photographs by Gueorgui Pinkhassov, that I have found on Pavel Kosenko’ blog.
After looking at them, I felt dazed and excited: there is a vision of a life scattered through composite realities, in a kaleidoscope of colours and lines. So intense and real.

More images can be found here and here.


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I have recently proposed this question in a forum of friends: is minimalism a shortcut?

I am curious to hear some answers to this, mainly because it’s a genre I indulge into quite often. As a consequence, I am being self-critical recently about my minimalist approach.

What I observe is that many urban photographers often fall into minimalism, most of them with good results indeed. The obtained works in most cases result to be very readable and highly enjoyable by the public.
However, the more I get into this genre, the more I find that insisting on details, on perfeclty aligned geometries and artificial compositions can be a treat to my overall vision. My doubt is that a minimalist approach can become an automated and perhaps simplistic formula that one can apply everywhere, ending up in the representation of small details. Those small details could also be a symptom of small and basic ideas from the photographer’s mind.
I wander also if minimalism in my photography could ever become a mere exercise that make me lose the propension for complexity and the atmosphere found in a place or a situation.

Beware: I’m not criticizing those artists who practice and research into minimalism, but I’m asking myself whether minimalism can become a shortcut to achieve a secure and easy effect, making me feel a better photographer at a little expense.

So what do you think?


Modena, 27012013


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P1080646 Mounted
Modena, 17032013
Black 4:3 rectangle
A tribute to Kazimir Severinovič Malevič (1878 – 1935)

Obtained with a 30 seconds exposure, f/16, at ISO 100. Lens: 20 mm (40 mm equivalent).
The photograph has been digitally mounted over a white field.

Here below you can see the original unmounted photograph:



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Gabriele Basilico has passed away yesterday. A very sad day for photography.

Napoli, 1982
Naples, 1982

Valencia, 1998
Valencia, 1998

Milano, 1983
Milan, 1983

Francia - Mission D.A.T.A.R, 1984-1985
France – Mission D.A.T.A.R, 1984-1985

Milano, 1989
Milan, 1989

Milano, Quartiere Gallaratese, 2007
Milan, Quartiere Gallaratese, 2007

Modena, Cimitero di San Cataldo, 2007
Modena, San Cataldo Cemetery, 2007

Gabriele Basilico (Milan, 12th August 1944 – 13th February 2013)


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Castelnuovo Rangone (MO), 05062012