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Farewell, Lemmy

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Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka Lemmy (Stoke-on-Trent, 24 December 1945 – Los Angeles, 28 December 2015).

Farewell, Lemmy//

Shoot for yourself: ideas from Eric Kim

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Wealthy Webfarers,

it’s a long time since I’ve wrote something over here. I don’t have any picture of mine to show yet, but I’ve felt the immediate need to write after I’ve read these Eric Kim’s guidelines about what he calls “Personal Photography”.

I don’t have many things in common with whosoever calls himself “street photographer”, except the fact that the majority of my images are taken in urban environments, but I’m interested in this genre and I do appreciate who applies this style of photography.

Eric Kim is one of the most prominent street photographers of our time and he’s also one of the most active on the web and socials. It was funny for me to see a newsletter from his side entitled “Only shoot for yourself“.

I must say that I agree with the suggestions he gives. In the end, what we really need is more good photography.

I you have a couple of free minutes, please read it.