SUBSEQUENT DECISIONS – my thoughts featured on Gianni Galassi’s PhotoGraphia Blog

Gianni Galassi is one of the few artists from which I have been able to learn a part of the mysteries of photography.
Not only he has a long and serious photographic background, but he also shows to have a deep knowledge of visual arts in general. His photography at first glance may look minimalistic, but after the second or third sight, it is clear that in every shot he rather deals with the uncanny complexity of the world we all see everyday, from which he is able to catch astounding perspectives. Lines, shapes, volumes, visual pathways, colours and rhythms are merged inside highly defined frames.

He undoubtedly comes from the Italian photographic movement of the late Sixties and Seventies, and this may clearly visible in the cultural strength he shows in his art.
Maybe we’ll spend some more words on Gianni Galassi’s art on these pages, as soon as I will be able to.

He runs a blog, PhotoGraphia, where he shares his photographs and thoughts with the public. As I told him some years ago, I feel that I’ve learnt more just by staring at his pictures than reading thousands of words in manuals.

A few days ago, it happened that I wrote a comment after one of his posts, and he decided that my words were articulated enough to be officially featured on a dedicated post, that by the way has been titled directly from my comment.
The theme was the post-processing of old shots taken some months, or even years, in the past. You can read it at the following end:

Needless to say, I’m really happy, this really made my day.
Thank you, Gianni.



3 Responses to “SUBSEQUENT DECISIONS – my thoughts featured on Gianni Galassi’s PhotoGraphia Blog”

  1. Thank you, Stefano, for your flattering words.

  2. As a regular visitor of Gianni Galassi’s PhotoGraphia Blog, I read your comment and, as a consequence, I’m visiting your photoblog also.

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