Lido di Savio (RA), 14082013


4 Responses to “P1060282a”

  1. “A society is there” . Contrast in color and texture . The left compared to the painted right . Wondering why you titled this beauty with some numbers.

    • Dear Bart, thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation.
      Concerning the title, as you may see I basically don’t like to give any title to my pictures, because I think that any image we create should stand alone, free of any definition. If it needs a title to be expalined, then I fear that something is not working in hat I’ve done.
      Neither I’m interested in suggesting anything to what other people may see in my pictures.
      So, I just leave the progressive code my camera assigns to every image it produces, that is the automatic “title” I give.
      The only additional information I like to specify is date and place of the photograph, which I always report in every post.

      There are only a few cases in which I give personal titles: series and some specific works, where I write about a concept or an Idea.

      You seem a skilled photographer, Bart. What’s your position on giving titles to images?

      • ciao Stefano,

        Maybe you right and I received also this point of view from others. well , My point of view. I like to give a title but not a title that is revealing the image. A title is more a welcome to the audience and it may not represents what he or she is observing after. If I am correct , we are for that on the same page. A title is a blue print of the image or it symbolize why the creator is taken the image. To me , a title is rather important because it bears the story behind the creator and not only what the image is about. If one is considering that , I let all degrees of freedom open to those who are not agree or to those who has another opinion about my title.

        Take for instant a documentary image . Titles are meaningless looking at the fist glance because the image is telling all that what the message is about. But what if you want to express something else from that same documentary image . Does the title not create something subtile more , a personal touch , something yours regardless the documentary aspect?

        What I do not like about titles is that many among us are describing the image like a copy . In your image for instant , suppose you name this image ” red carpet’ . this ‘kills’ your image instantly because all of us can see a red carpet . But what if you named your image like ” society’ or “forgotten neighbor” ? Is that not revealing something more ? Something you have created instead some audience. A title is , according my opinion , very important because it makes your image , yours . It is that little thing what makes you different from me when I took that image under the same conditions as you did.

        In the past we were dealing with a lot of pages where images are only illustrations. Little by little this scenery was changed because one realized that an image itself bears some stories with a text to be an illustration. Nowadays we are bombed with images and we are forced to scroll or passing by. We do not take much time to sit down and look . A title is therefore an opening to a story the creator made.

        Maybe I am too dogmatic about this topic . But I can’t leave it to do 🙂 I have tons of images but when I am not able to tell you ‘the why’ ( by means of a strong title) I will never offer that image to my audience. Called it , an act of proudness my site 🙂

        Of course, sometimes I am trying to experiment with new techniques. Then the purpose to offer my audience my work is not the image itself , but the technique behind or the learning I experience. A title is secondary or trivial in that case,to me .

        But, I do respect your point of view . Do not misunderstand me. Your image took me and i spend some time to look at , so regardless a title , the image you ve made , made it to me.

        cheers bart

  2. Thank you so much for your insightful explaination, Bart.

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