P1040267a P1040288a P1040293a P1040275a

Modena, 11082012



  1. Five wonderful images wonderfully put together.
    Color, contrast, density, mood: everything is consistent and fine-tuned.
    Is this the beginning of something? A book, perhaps?

    • Dear Gianni, I’m very glad to read such a comment from you.
      Honestly I’ve never had a definitive plan nor project in mind so far.
      However, I feel that in the last three years I have put together a sort of photographic “pathway”, from which I could set up something bigger and perhaps more consistent. So, to answer you, this is not the “beginning” of something, but rather the “becoming aware” of something – an insight.
      But I’m not definitvely on the track now, I still have some personal and professional projects that need to be completed before this one.

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