“In photography these structures assume a precise function: they become thresholds: doorways to something, to the outer world. We can compare them to camera viewfinders. If we focus on the “threshold” theme, thinking of it as a part of the photographic language […], we can find in nature and in the external world in general, many elements that are useful for an interesting and challenging project. It’s not enough to take a picture of a shuttered door, a door wide open on a street or, on the other side, on the interior of a house. The problem, on the contrary, is to go beyond the simple reproduction of a threshold and make it become an element of both space and time […]”

“They are thresholds of something, thresholds to go toward something”.
Luigi Ghirri, 19th January 1990.


2 Responses to “FOURTH: THRESHOLD”

  1. Great post and photo!!

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